About the Breed


Australian Lowline Cattle are pure bred from Aberdeen Angus genetics originating from Scotland and Canada, developed in Australia to suit sustainable and lifestyle properties. They are one of the few breeds that retain pure genetics from the original herds in the countries of origin. This is something unique in the beef world today and with the changing climate, producers wanting efficiency and consumers preferring healthy living, these original compact genetics tick all the boxes.

The fact that Lowline cattle are DNA typed and Parent verified before registration, along with a closed Herd Book, has resulted in a line of pure Aberdeen Angus cattle now named ‘Australian Lowline’.

Their compact size for easy handling, great temperament, efficient feed conversion to beef and great eating qualities are just some of the reasons Australian Lowline Cattle have grown in popularity over the past 20 years.

 www.victorianlowlines.com.au or www.lowlinecattleassoc.com.au.